Piero’s PizzaVino Journaling

PizzaVino Blog started out to promote the business of PizzaVino thru sharing experiences, business related. With this pandemic it has become much more than just sharing business experiences but sharing my humanity, insights and inspirations with whoever follows my blog.

This has been quite a challenge over the last 4 weeks personally and professionally. I have been challenged on every front asking myself “Whatcha made of girl”. It’s always an interesting answer to how deep one can dig into themselves to accomplish any task at hand. Athletes know this because once you get physically proficient at something then it’s just a mind game. The athlete who has more determination, more drive, more will power can win. It’s the same with anything in life. How strong are you mentally?

Being one who grew up with difficult circumstances I have always seen the benefit in that. How it can make you more resilient and sharper to take on the next obstacle because there was always the unexpected coming. We don’t grow thru our comfort, we get lazy. We don’t get wise when we aren’t challenged. 

We as a species are capable of greatness, true greatness. We just need to redirect our energy for the right purpose and maybe this global PAUSE is giving us the opportunity to do just that. One has to admit it is very PEACEFUL out there.

Wishing you all wellness and a happy heart,


Happy, Happy, Happy

We were told at 4:00 on Friday that the governor had lifted his restrictions on restaurants. We had planned on the opening being June 1st not the Friday of Memorial Weekend. We put ourselves into high gear and made it happen as best we could on such short notice.

Thanks to all those who have come to support us. The energy that was created tonight after this long lockdown was amazing. Thank you to the staff who came to work on Memorial Day Weekend and the guests who brought to life our little restaurant. PizzaVino has been fortified by the love of so many people. I heard “Thank you” tonight more than I have ever heard it at any one time,” Thank you for being open”. I said “thank you for coming in”, thank you for supporting us and keeping PizzaVino alive.  A sad reality is that because of this crisis so many businesses will not survive. 

I have heard throughout my life what a tough business the restaurant business is, and it’s true. I never dreamed of being a restaurateur, I inherited it and with all of its challenges and headaches on a night like tonight it’s pure music. 

A heartfelt thank you to all,



As all of you know these are trying times. Our patience is tested, or sense of reason is tested, and our finances are definitely tested. The biggest question we all ask ourselves is where will we be when this quarantine is lifted. What will the world look like, our business look like, our social gatherings. How much will the government play in ruling our everyday lives?

One thing is for sure, nothing will ever quite be the same. I for one will miss greatly the freedom we all took for granted. Being a restaurant owner I wonder what will the future of dining out look like. For some it will never be as casual and relaxed as it was before as being in public to some will always pose a risk factor.

What I have seen from people coming in the restaurant is that there are two different camps, those that are terrified of getting the virus and those that just want to get on with their lives and get back to normal with an awareness of the risk but not confined by it. I live in this camp. I heard a quote from Eckhart Tolle that said “We are all infected by the same virus, it’s called TIME”. We are all going to die eventually, it’s how we live that makes us who we are. Are we going to live our lives in fear of getting sick? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. Mark Twain said,” Fear is a waste of the imagination.” Fear is so restrictive and a waste of valuable energy. A state of awareness is alive and wakens ones senses. Isn’t that a better place to live?

I can only hope that when we do open we will see all the familiar faces that we have missed so much during this quarantine. That some will be ok with hugs because hugs are healing and we all need more of that.


PizzaVino Updates

Those of you that are following us on Facebook and or Instagram realize that we are doing all we can to stay afloat during these trying times. PizzaVino is very fortunate to have loyal patrons who are the lifeline to our business. Now more than ever we so appreciate all of you for your support. 

With this forced quarantine reducing our lives to only what is necessary most of us find ourselves really appreciating the simple things more. If you’re like me when I find myself in an unpleasant situation I try to look for the silver lining. There are many silver linings in this quarantine not to minimize the hardships as I know many are suffering economic fallouts. However if we focus only on the negatives we will not have the energy to rise up to them and create anew. 

PizzaVino has suffered thru the tennis tournament being canceled which was a huge loss financially and now the shutdown thru the busiest months of the season. We have created a new take out business on line which we never had before giving some of our staff jobs and helping us to stay open. Although we are still losing money it gives our patrons some sense of normalcy and us a lifeline to those we feed and care about.

Thanks to all who support us. 

May we get thru this trying time stronger and more grateful than before.


Piero’s PizzaVino Journel

Surviving vs Thriving, this question has always caused me to pause and reflect. I have mastered surviving, but thriving is another challenge. Thriving takes a deeper consciousness and reflection. One has to ask oneself what makes me happy, what brings me joy and make those things a part of one’s disciplined life.

In times like these when we are all quarantined it’s more challenging to thrive but we can. What brings you joy? The quiet time is a great time to reflect and ask yourself, “what can I do to enjoy this time?” It’s a historical time in our global society. How are we going to use this time for our benefit and not destruction or despair?

I am so proud of my team at PizzaVino who have rallied to keep the doors open in spite of our depression and exhaustion after the BNP was closed. Our team at PizzaVino are resilient and dedicated, grateful to be working. I am humbled by our customers who support us with orders, kind words, phone calls to make sure we’re all doing ok. 

PizzaVino has become more than just a restaurant. It is a gathering place of friends and families to enjoy the good vibes, our great employees and good food. At PizzaVino we are doing our best to Thrive.

Come feel the vibe, get some good food and share your smile. 

We will really celebrate the day we can fully open our doors and welcome all of you. In the meantime….find ways to THRIVE, not just survive. Everyday is a blessing, everyday!

Be well,



I hope everyone reading my blog is doing well, safe and trying their best to utilize their time in productive, healthy ways.

I always try to find the silver lining in challenging times. It keeps me focused on the fact that you can find positivity in any situation regardless of how painful it might be. Below I have made a list of all the things I consider a silver lining in this crisis. I challenge you to look for your own in your personal circumstances. The benefit of looking at the silver lining instead of the problems is that it helps us grow as individuals by expanding our awareness.

*One of the biggest silver lining is quarantining creative minds. Think of all the new innovations that will come out of this period. We have many geniuses among us who’s only outlet is to create. This thought makes me excited as to what will be on the horizon.

*Kids are out of school, parents forced to work from home or suspended from work all together. This forces family bonding time. I see Dads and Moms with their kids roller blading up and down the street, riding bikes, making the best out of a tough situation.

*In tough times good people help each other more. We are spending more time reaching out of our isolation thru phone calls and emails to our loved ones.

*It is a time of reflection, regrouping, cleansing and hopefully coming out stronger than we were before.

We at PizzaVino support health and well being. We are open offering curbside service to give you some normalcy. Come order your favorite pizza it’s always good for the spirit!



Take n’ Bake

We are working to keep our community fed. I have added the Take n’ Bake menu to my blog with new options for everyone to survive the stay at home order and support family owned businesses.

Our curbside service is helping keep everyone safe including our employees. Click the link below to take a look!

Take n’ Bake Menu

PizzaVino Survival Tips

I for one don’t like being told what to do or being confined, it goes against my wild nature. I am trying desperately to think of ways to entertain myself and flip this negative situation around into a positive because that’s how my mind works. This is a good time to do things that perhaps we never made the time for before because we were too busy. For me that would be practicing meditation which I never seem to make time for. Quieting the mind right now seems like a positive thing to do., better than supporting the endless chatter in my mind that says “Your’re all screwed”. Some other ideas would be to try all the new recipes I have ever wanted to cook, start doing yoga, read the stack of books I have collected and never seems to have the time to read. The list goes on and all healthy things to do for one’s mind and body.

We all live in such a fast pace world that maybe the silver lining in all this is just the requirement to stop. One thing is certain we will all be in a different place mentally, emotionally and financially when this is over. The financial impact we have very little control over but we do have control over our mental and emotional state and physical wellbeing. Let’s focus on improving these things so we come out of this stronger not weaker.

These are my goals hope they are helpful to inspire YOU.



Piero’s PizzaVino Private Wine Label

When Lea and I were on our Wild Mushroom Expedition in Healdsburg, California we visited a local winery named Spicy Vines. We carry 2 of their wines at PizzaVino, their Zinfandel and  Syrah. They are exceptional wines at an affordable price.

While visiting their tasting room and meeting with the wine maker Doug Hackett and partner Crystalyn Hoffman we experienced the most fun wine adventure. Not only is Doug a great wine maker but quite the entertainer while passionately describing his wines. His description of his Zinfandel is sex and candy in a bottle. The Dragons Kiss Syrah is described as wrapping yourself in velvet curtains while eating dark chocolate and being sprinkled with flowers. He definitely has a very descriptive imagination and a fun guy.  Taste it for yourself to make up your own mind about an appropriate description, personally I like his.

Our private label is a Barbera which he describes as gentle and soft as if you were taking a walk thru the Italian Alps on a spring day, fresh berries, delicate spices and extremely food friendly.

We will be hosting a wine dinner with Doug in the late spring, dates to follow.



Why So Many Different Pastas

Fact check: Many people think Italy was the birthplace of pasta, but the oldest noodles ever found were unearthed during an archaeological exploration in China. The noodles, found in a bowl buried under 10 feet of dirt, were made from two types of grain grown in China for more than 7,000 years!

Though there are hundreds of different types of noodles, pasta can be organized into different groups, including long pasta (spaghetti, angel hair), tubes (penne), soup pastas (orzo, alphabet), stuffed (tortellini, ravioli) and special shapes (farfalle, fusilli).

There are approximately 350 different types of pasta around the world — and about four times that many names for them! For example, due to its shape, farfalle pasta is often called “butterfly” or “bowtie” pasta.

Cooks use different shapes and sizes of pasta for different purposes. For example, different shapes hold different sauces better than others.

Some cooks say thin pastas, such as angel hair, should be served with thin sauces, while thicker sauces work better with thicker, heavier pastas. People often pair flat pastas with cream sauces, while tomato sauces seem to cling better to round pastas.

Stuffed pasta requires special pasta shapes, like ravioli and manicotti. What is your favorite pasta?



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