Piero’s PizzaVino Journaling

PizzaVino Blog started out to promote the business of PizzaVino thru sharing experiences, business related. With this pandemic it has become much more than just sharing business experiences but sharing my humanity, insights and inspirations with whoever follows my blog.

This has been quite a challenge over the last 4 weeks personally and professionally. I have been challenged on every front asking myself “Whatcha made of girl”. It’s always an interesting answer to how deep one can dig into themselves to accomplish any task at hand. Athletes know this because once you get physically proficient at something then it’s just a mind game. The athlete who has more determination, more drive, more will power can win. It’s the same with anything in life. How strong are you mentally?

Being one who grew up with difficult circumstances I have always seen the benefit in that. How it can make you more resilient and sharper to take on the next obstacle because there was always the unexpected coming. We don’t grow thru our comfort, we get lazy. We don’t get wise when we aren’t challenged. 

We as a species are capable of greatness, true greatness. We just need to redirect our energy for the right purpose and maybe this global PAUSE is giving us the opportunity to do just that. One has to admit it is very PEACEFUL out there.

Wishing you all wellness and a happy heart,


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