Piero’s PizzaVino Journel

Surviving vs Thriving, this question has always caused me to pause and reflect. I have mastered surviving, but thriving is another challenge. Thriving takes a deeper consciousness and reflection. One has to ask oneself what makes me happy, what brings me joy and make those things a part of one’s disciplined life. In times likeContinue reading “Piero’s PizzaVino Journel”

Piero’s PizzaVino Private Wine Label

When Lea and I were on our Wild Mushroom Expedition in Healdsburg, California we visited a local winery named Spicy Vines. We carry 2 of their wines at PizzaVino, their Zinfandel and  Syrah. They are exceptional wines at an affordable price. While visiting their tasting room and meeting with the wine maker Doug Hackett andContinue reading “Piero’s PizzaVino Private Wine Label”

PizzaVino’s Homemade Desserts

People ask me all the time if we make our desserts in house and the answer is YES!  Audrey Arnold is our personal pastry chef with an extensive background in business, catering and baking. She is a master pastry chef and can turn any visual into a beautiful cake. Last year to celebrate our achievementsContinue reading “PizzaVino’s Homemade Desserts”

Let PizzaVino Cater Your Next Party

With PizzaVinos mobile wood burning Pizza Oven we drive up to your location set up a beautiful buffet table decorated in a Tuscan theme with grape vines and wood planks. Our friendly, professional staff serves you freshly made pizzas and  salads of your choosing. PizzaVinos catering menu isn’t limited to just pizzas and salads. WeContinue reading “Let PizzaVino Cater Your Next Party”

Craziness At PizzaVino

So it’s that time again…..preparation for Indian Wells Tennis Tournament 2020. People ask me, “How do you put together a restaurant that only runs for 2 weeks while running another restaurant”. Well the short answer to that is that it is CRAZY!!!! We start preparing 2 months in advance calling all our last year hiresContinue reading “Craziness At PizzaVino”