PizzaVino, by Sheri

“Making it Happen”

Sheri Pierattoni

Piero’s PizzaVino Strong

It has become increasingly challenging to stay positive and motivated during this shut down. I am blessed to have had many challenges in my life that have given me not only the tools to survive but the mindset to be able to always look for the silver lining in everything and try to flip things…


There have been so many changes in a relatively short period of time from when the Tennis was announced that we had to shut down. We’ve gone from seating Only Ten in any given room to Only To Go orders to open dining to only outdoor dining. I feel like I’m playing hop scotch with…

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9 thoughts on “PizzaVino, by Sheri

  1. I LOVE your blogs !! Although none of us know what the future will bring,…you give us all hope that things will be fun and nice again….love your prospective as well.. Thank you for taking the time to write these lovely thoughts !
    I for one, really appreciate them and look forward to each and every one.


  2. Hello Sheri, I see you have opened for in restaurant dining and would like to promote this on our eat around town program for Coachella Valley as well as help with online ordering. Please let me know best way to contact, thank you and be well!


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