There have been so many changes in a relatively short period of time from when the Tennis was announced that we had to shut down. We’ve gone from seating Only Ten in any given room to Only To Go orders to open dining to only outdoor dining. I feel like I’m playing hop scotch with my business and wondering when it’s all over where we will land. 

Everyone needs to know businesses cannot operate like this, especially in a seasonal place. Those that were lucky enough to get the PPP loan from the government will survive longer than those that could not. Eventually that will run out also, then what. 

I am blessed to have an incredible staff that has been flexible thru all these changes. We have loyal patrons who support us, some that come in a few times a week. In all this chaos I never forget to be thankful for all my blessings. Whoever is reading this blog, Thank you. Thank you for caring enough to follow my blog and to support PizzaVino. 

May we wake up from this nightmare sooner than later and be the better for having gone thru it. 



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