I hope everyone reading my blog is doing well, safe and trying their best to utilize their time in productive, healthy ways.

I always try to find the silver lining in challenging times. It keeps me focused on the fact that you can find positivity in any situation regardless of how painful it might be. Below I have made a list of all the things I consider a silver lining in this crisis. I challenge you to look for your own in your personal circumstances. The benefit of looking at the silver lining instead of the problems is that it helps us grow as individuals by expanding our awareness.

*One of the biggest silver lining is quarantining creative minds. Think of all the new innovations that will come out of this period. We have many geniuses among us who’s only outlet is to create. This thought makes me excited as to what will be on the horizon.

*Kids are out of school, parents forced to work from home or suspended from work all together. This forces family bonding time. I see Dads and Moms with their kids roller blading up and down the street, riding bikes, making the best out of a tough situation.

*In tough times good people help each other more. We are spending more time reaching out of our isolation thru phone calls and emails to our loved ones.

*It is a time of reflection, regrouping, cleansing and hopefully coming out stronger than we were before.

We at PizzaVino support health and well being. We are open offering curbside service to give you some normalcy. Come order your favorite pizza it’s always good for the spirit!



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