As all of you know these are trying times. Our patience is tested, or sense of reason is tested, and our finances are definitely tested. The biggest question we all ask ourselves is where will we be when this quarantine is lifted. What will the world look like, our business look like, our social gatherings. How much will the government play in ruling our everyday lives?

One thing is for sure, nothing will ever quite be the same. I for one will miss greatly the freedom we all took for granted. Being a restaurant owner I wonder what will the future of dining out look like. For some it will never be as casual and relaxed as it was before as being in public to some will always pose a risk factor.

What I have seen from people coming in the restaurant is that there are two different camps, those that are terrified of getting the virus and those that just want to get on with their lives and get back to normal with an awareness of the risk but not confined by it. I live in this camp. I heard a quote from Eckhart Tolle that said “We are all infected by the same virus, it’s called TIME”. We are all going to die eventually, it’s how we live that makes us who we are. Are we going to live our lives in fear of getting sick? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. Mark Twain said,” Fear is a waste of the imagination.” Fear is so restrictive and a waste of valuable energy. A state of awareness is alive and wakens ones senses. Isn’t that a better place to live?

I can only hope that when we do open we will see all the familiar faces that we have missed so much during this quarantine. That some will be ok with hugs because hugs are healing and we all need more of that.


One thought on “Patience

  1. Outstanding interpretation and conveyance my friend. Unfortunately accurate but stated so well.

    Joni Maggio



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