PizzaVino Updates

Those of you that are following us on Facebook and or Instagram realize that we are doing all we can to stay afloat during these trying times. PizzaVino is very fortunate to have loyal patrons who are the lifeline to our business. Now more than ever we so appreciate all of you for your support. 

With this forced quarantine reducing our lives to only what is necessary most of us find ourselves really appreciating the simple things more. If you’re like me when I find myself in an unpleasant situation I try to look for the silver lining. There are many silver linings in this quarantine not to minimize the hardships as I know many are suffering economic fallouts. However if we focus only on the negatives we will not have the energy to rise up to them and create anew. 

PizzaVino has suffered thru the tennis tournament being canceled which was a huge loss financially and now the shutdown thru the busiest months of the season. We have created a new take out business on line which we never had before giving some of our staff jobs and helping us to stay open. Although we are still losing money it gives our patrons some sense of normalcy and us a lifeline to those we feed and care about.

Thanks to all who support us. 

May we get thru this trying time stronger and more grateful than before.


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