Happy, Happy, Happy

We were told at 4:00 on Friday that the governor had lifted his restrictions on restaurants. We had planned on the opening being June 1st not the Friday of Memorial Weekend. We put ourselves into high gear and made it happen as best we could on such short notice.

Thanks to all those who have come to support us. The energy that was created tonight after this long lockdown was amazing. Thank you to the staff who came to work on Memorial Day Weekend and the guests who brought to life our little restaurant. PizzaVino has been fortified by the love of so many people. I heard “Thank you” tonight more than I have ever heard it at any one time,” Thank you for being open”. I said “thank you for coming in”, thank you for supporting us and keeping PizzaVino alive.  A sad reality is that because of this crisis so many businesses will not survive. 

I have heard throughout my life what a tough business the restaurant business is, and it’s true. I never dreamed of being a restaurateur, I inherited it and with all of its challenges and headaches on a night like tonight it’s pure music. 

A heartfelt thank you to all,


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