Happy Hour

I am asked all the time when we will bring Happy Hour back. I hope all understand that our business has suffered great loss with the closing of the BNP tennis and the investment we had put into that only to have it shut down. Following that…the pandemic and having to shut the restaurant down only to be open for take out.

 All of our loyal patrons helped us by supporting our take out business which in turn allowed us to be the first restaurant to open its doors when we were told we could.

We are deeply grateful for all the support we have gotten. With our seating being limited we cannot afford to offer Happy Hour in our bar area at this time. We are anxious to open up to full capacity as soon as we get the go ahead and will offer our Happy Hour then.  Until that time I hope everyone understands and will come enjoy our full menu or our special deals we offer for take out. http://www.PizzaVinoToGo.com

A heartfelt thanks to all,


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