The Spirit of PizzaVino

Every restaurant has an ambiance, a vibe. I call it the spirit of the place. 

PizzaVino’s vibe has been created by the help of all those who work there and those that come to enjoy our food, our great service. It’s a vibe that is upbeat and fun, one that has been created by all the love and goodwill that is generated there.  

Most of our staff has been a part of our PV team since we opened very few are new hires. We are a working family that loves to have fun at work while serving our guests great food at a reasonable price. My requirement for hiring anyone is they need to have heart. I can teach anyone how to do a job but I cannot teach someone how to care about the job they do or how to love people. My philosophy is: if you love people and care about your job you will make a great employee and your guests will be happy. 

I’ve noticed since the quarantine has been lifted there is a concentration of happiness in the air. People have been stifled for so long that to be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of dining out is magnificent. The vibe in PizzaVino has always been good but now it’s palatable.  

I am so grateful to all those who support us, all of our employees and guests who contribute to the spirit of PizzaVino.

Thank you all,


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