Piero’s PizzaVino Strong

It has become increasingly challenging to stay positive and motivated during this shut down. I am blessed to have had many challenges in my life that have given me not only the tools to survive but the mindset to be able to always look for the silver lining in everything and try to flip things into a positive experience. 

So here is the positive for PizzaVino in all this mess. We are fortunate to have a product that people want to “Take Out”. The high-end restaurants have a much harder time doing this and it’s not really worth it for them with labor cost, food costs and what they make in sales. It’s a lot easier for them just to shut their doors and hope this all blows over soon. With a solid local following we are doing ok all considered. We are making new friends every night with first timers discovering us. They will tell their friends and when we do open up again we will be busier than ever. 

Many businesses will close. This will be a heartache felt by the whole community as many are mom and pop operations that offer a totally different feeling than the big corporate businesses do. I urge all locals to patronize your favorite restaurants if you want to eat there in the future. We are counting on all of you to keep us alive, in turn we will fill you with good food and smiles. 

I receive gratitude every day from customers happy that we are open. I will always do my best to stay open even if that means we are not making money. I want to feel the energy from satisfied customers who are happy they can go out and enjoy a good meal with the ambiance of some normality. To see my staff happily working and joking around with each other brings me joy. PizzaVino is a happy place filled with a really good vibe. We will make it thru this and become better having gone thru it.

Stronger together,


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