Piero’s PizzaVino Private Wine Label

When Lea and I were on our Wild Mushroom Expedition in Healdsburg, California we visited a local winery named Spicy Vines. We carry 2 of their wines at PizzaVino, their Zinfandel and  Syrah. They are exceptional wines at an affordable price.

While visiting their tasting room and meeting with the wine maker Doug Hackett and partner Crystalyn Hoffman we experienced the most fun wine adventure. Not only is Doug a great wine maker but quite the entertainer while passionately describing his wines. His description of his Zinfandel is sex and candy in a bottle. The Dragons Kiss Syrah is described as wrapping yourself in velvet curtains while eating dark chocolate and being sprinkled with flowers. He definitely has a very descriptive imagination and a fun guy.  Taste it for yourself to make up your own mind about an appropriate description, personally I like his.

Our private label is a Barbera which he describes as gentle and soft as if you were taking a walk thru the Italian Alps on a spring day, fresh berries, delicate spices and extremely food friendly.

We will be hosting a wine dinner with Doug in the late spring, dates to follow.



2 thoughts on “Piero’s PizzaVino Private Wine Label

  1. I want a glass of each please. One for my left hand and one for my right hand

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