How The Bubba-Bubba Pizza Got It’s Name

The summer of 2014 we were traveling down a country road in Norwood Colorado when we saw a lone Buffalo pacing the fence line. Buffalos are herd animals and require companionship to be happy. Being concerned we asked neighbors what his story was only to discover the previous owner had died and sold off the herd leaving this poor guy alone. Feeling sorry for him a friend and I quickly got to work trying to find him a home where he could join a herd of his own.

In luck we found a Buffalo Preserve outside of Denver that was willing to take him if he tested positive for being 100% Buffalo and not a bison mix. We had to gather a piece of his hair which in itself was an interesting experience but thankfully after sending it to a lab we were in luck, he was 100% Buffalo. Now we just needed to get him to Denver!!!

How do you transport a Buffalo…..very carefully!!! The man who ran the Preserve being a cattle rancher knew large animal handling. He came with a huge truck and managed to load this Buffalo. As it turns out The Buffalo was very gentle and friendly and loaded quite easily. It always amazes me how most animals know when you’re trying to help them.

In remembrance of this Buffalo we named on of our Pizza after him, thus the name Bubba-Bubba. It was a great accomplishment. Bubba now lives on a Buffalo Preserve with a herd of his own outside Denver Colorado.

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