PizzaVino Survival Tips

I for one don’t like being told what to do or being confined, it goes against my wild nature. I am trying desperately to think of ways to entertain myself and flip this negative situation around into a positive because that’s how my mind works. This is a good time to do things that perhaps we never made the time for before because we were too busy. For me that would be practicing meditation which I never seem to make time for. Quieting the mind right now seems like a positive thing to do., better than supporting the endless chatter in my mind that says “Your’re all screwed”. Some other ideas would be to try all the new recipes I have ever wanted to cook, start doing yoga, read the stack of books I have collected and never seems to have the time to read. The list goes on and all healthy things to do for one’s mind and body.

We all live in such a fast pace world that maybe the silver lining in all this is just the requirement to stop. One thing is certain we will all be in a different place mentally, emotionally and financially when this is over. The financial impact we have very little control over but we do have control over our mental and emotional state and physical wellbeing. Let’s focus on improving these things so we come out of this stronger not weaker.

These are my goals hope they are helpful to inspire YOU.



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