Craziness At PizzaVino

So it’s that time again…..preparation for Indian Wells Tennis Tournament 2020. People ask me, “How do you put together a restaurant that only runs for 2 weeks while running another restaurant”. Well the short answer to that is that it is CRAZY!!!!

We start preparing 2 months in advance calling all our last year hires hoping they will be onboard for another 2 weeks of insanity. It’s the hardest work one can imagine but a ton of fun and lines the pockets of those that are willing to work that hard. We serve 10,000 people in 2 weeks. Imagine that 10,000 people. That’s 10,000 rollup that need to be done, 10,000 tables that need to be set, 10,000 guests that need there needs met. It’s a high functioning machine that needs to be well orchestrated in order to run smoothly. 

The toughest part is when someone you hired quits because they can’t handle the pace, they can’t cut it. Then we are scrambling to replace that person, always last minute, major stressor. Things always seem to work out somehow, someway.

We are very lucky to have friends and family who come to our rescue and wanr to be apart of our craziness, share in the laughs and hard work. We enjoy a good bottle of wine at the end of the day and tell stories about the day and how we can make the next one better. It’s a bonding time for all and a sense of real accomplishment when it’s done.

Come see us out there… our crazy in action ☺



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