PizzaVino’s Homemade Desserts

People ask me all the time if we make our desserts in house and the answer is YES!  Audrey Arnold is our personal pastry chef with an extensive background in business, catering and baking. She is a master pastry chef and can turn any visual into a beautiful cake. Last year to celebrate our achievements at the Tennis Tournament she made us a cake that was a tennis racket and ball. It was magnificent and tasted incredible. I have seen her creations for birthday parties, weddings, Christmas and all are like nothing I have ever seen. Audrey is an artistic pastry chef and we are so fortunate to have her here at PizzaVino.

One of PizzaVino’s specialties is our Flourless Chocolate Cake. This is labor intensive with many steps before the final product is ready. We melt our finest chocolate and then in sequence incorporate the other ingredients. Then we bake it, let it cool while making the chocolate mousse. Once the cake has cooled we add the mousse and freeze it. The following day we glaze it with velvety chocolate ganache. If you’re a chocolate lover this is for you.

Have your next party at PizzaVino and order a special cake, Audrey can make anything and will surely WOW your guests.



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