Wild Mushroom Expedition 2020

Lea my daughter and manager of PizzaVino talked me into going with her to Sonoma County on a Wild Mushroom expedition. Now I have never been wild mushroom hunting before but I love being out in the forest and like treasure hunts so I was game.

We found many varieties of wild mushrooms not all of them being edible. As everyone knows one must be very cautious as to what you actually pick to eat. Mushrooms
can make you very sick and even kill you if you eat the poisonous ones.

chantral, turkey tail, maninita bolett, mazataki

This wasn’t Leas first rodeo with mushrooms and she knew exactly which ones to just admire for their incredible beauty and which ones to bring home. After 4 hours of foraging thru the forest we brought home 4 bags of mushrooms, mostly King and Queen

This will become a yearly adventure with us staying longer so we can bring back enough to run weekend specials at the restaurant. We will let you all know before we go so you can reserve your space in our Wild Mushroom Tasting with Wine paired to compliment the flavors, a true culinary experience.

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